Sunday, July 15, 2012

7 months later

Seven months passes much too fast! It seems the older we get the quicker time goes. Last time I wrote I made a list of things that we hoped would happen this year. Let me fill you in on what has happened....

1. LJ DOES have a job lined up! After doing an internship with Deloitte from January-April of 2012 he was offered a position at Deloitte in Las Vegas, NV. He will be working on the Ceasar's Palace team. 

2. I didn't find a job teaching voice lessons. However, I did find a job! I am doing PSR (pyschosocial rehabilitation). I teach children skills to help them overcome a vast number of social and interpersonal issues. It is very rewarding and the pay isn't too bad either!

3. No trip to Disneyland or California Adventure yet. But, we did go to the San Diego Zoo and Sea World with my family after I finished student teaching and LJ finished his internship!

4. My iron count has gone up! I have been taking heavy doses of iron but have not had to have iron transfusions - thank heavens! It's still a work in progress though.

5. We found an AMAZING apartment closer to campus! We absolutely LOVE where we live. It has granite counter tops and tile floors. It's much larger than our previous apartment - it is fantastic!

6. While in Vegas we bought a new car! YAY! We sold LJ's old hatchback for $100. LJ was pretty happy to say goodbye to that hand-me-down.

7. PINTEREST!!!! Every single meal I have made since we came back to Idaho has been a recipe found on Pinterest. I have become banner-crazed, health/fitness crazed, craft name it! I try as many things as I can from pinterest. 

8. We are seeing The Dark Knight Rises on July 20th in IMAX in Utah! Every morning when I wake up, I roll over and LJ is on his phone reading the latest news about the film. He is so obsessed. Today he wore a black suit, with a black tie, black socks, black shoes, and black cufflinks (with a white shirt, of course) and did so to prepare for the movie premier. He says he will be wearing a Batman t-shirt everyday this week. He has been listening to the soundtrack every chance he gets, watching trailers and clips, and wearing the apparel - this is obviously going to be a life changing experience for him. He says "I am preparing physically, mentally, and emotionally for this movie..." I will have to post pictures in a few days!

9. We went to the temple on Friday, but still have not been as diligent as we should be.

10. We have been exercising regularly. We are currently very sore from our Saturday morning work out...ouch!

11. I am going to support LJ until he graduates. We have been so blessed and will be able to get LJ out of school debt-free!

12. We are striving to live the gospel! We have been working specifically on improving our personal study habits and have been blessed as we have been studying the Gospel.

  There are still a few more months in 2012 and I'm sure they will fly by. I hope to be more consistent in updating out blog. A lot of people have been asking my family about our plans for our future and I will keep everyone posted on this blog. 
Lots of love,
   The Nielsens



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